New showroom is nearly finished!

By: Tim   On: 8 October 2020 


Our new showroom has undergone some big changes in the last few months and has been keeping us very busy.

The space now features a whole new layout with more room for all the great gear. The whole space has been overhauled with new carpet, product displays and some bright new paint.



We also now have a revamped dedicated studio monitor listening station. We have put some of our favorites from Neumann, Genelec, Yamaha and KRK out for demo, but we can easily put out monitors that you're interested in hearing, with space for a comparison of up to 7 possible model combinations. This flexibility means you can really hear and compare your monitors and talk through your options with the team before buying, so you can make the right investment, and get something that really works for you.



There are several Kawai and Nord keyboards on display in the new showroom, giving you the chance to see, play and experiment. As features on stage and in studios around the world these keyboards are impressive kit. The flagship Kawai key bed featured on the MP11SE is something that has to be played to be believed, and the new Nord Wave 2 is a tonal adventure that will blow you away, it provides almost unlimited synth possibilities right at your figure tips. 

With lots of new display space, there is new stock in store as well, with a large selection of mics, interfaces, controllers and accessories. Some products aren’t even available on our website yet so come and have a look.