Tascam TM-AR1 Acoustic Control Filter


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TM-AR1 is an intelligent approach to acoustic filters for home recording by legendary home recording giant, Tascam.

If you've ever tried recording in your bedroom, you'll know the struggles of a less-than-ideal recording space. When using a microphone to record, the sound source generates two types of sound. One is called 'direct sound' which enters the microphone directly from the source, and the other is 'reflected sound', which is the delayed sound reflected off walls, ceiling and back into the microphone. Generally, the reflected sound of a home studio environment is very pronounced, compared to the sound of a high-end recording studio, despite the recording equipment and settings. In most cases, the reflected sound of an untreated home studio can overwhelm an otherwise clean recording, simply because the room is not designed with acoustics and recording in mind.

Let's face it, it's very difficult to create a good home recording environment with minimal sound reflections. If the wrong requencies are constructively reinfored via acoustic reflections, the recordings may not sound as clean and clear, and may be a hinderance to your mix. In the current year, with the increased popularity of DAWs being used for editing and creative effecting, it is more important than ever to pay attention to minimising 'negative' acoustic influences before and during the recording process.

Tascam's TM-AR1 Acoustic Control Filter not only absorbs the reflected sound but also isolates the microphone capsule from unwanted reflections coming from behind and around the microphone. By using the TM-AR1, your microphone picks up only the intended direct sound, which enables your mixes and editing to be done with ease, just as nature intended.


For more information on the Tascam TM-AR1, please visit the manufacturer's website.


Model # TM-AR1
Barcode # 043774032815
Brand Tascam

1 Year


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