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Tape head demagnetiser suitable for all reel to reel tape recorders and recommended specifically for Revox, Studer and Nagra.


Suitable for all reel to reel tape recorders and recommended specifically for Revox, Studer and Nagra.

Tape heads and tape transport components such as the tape guides, shields, capstan shaft and tensioners need REGULAR demagnetising. Indeed some professional recording studios do this as a matter of course every 10 - 20 hours to ensure the best reel to reel tape performance.

Cheap demagnetisers are just not up to the job because they're not powerful enough to demagnetise capstan shafts and some of the other metal components.

Valuable audio and videotape can be damaged when played on equipment that is not thoroughly and regularly demagnetized. Magnetism can easily build up in capstans, tape guides, or recorder heads to a point where it will degrade the magnetically recorded signal on tapes passing over them. Tape damage is first apparent as a loss of recorded high frequencies and a progressive increase in background noise each time the recording is played on magnetised equipment.


NOTE: Never demagnetise your tape machine with the power ON.


This demagnetiser kit contains:

• 1 x Han D Mag type 220S (220 / 240 VAC 50hz) demagnetiser with dual pole piece "tips" (the opposite end can be used to demagnetise tools and erase tape). 1240 gauss field strength in contact and 370 gauss @ ~ 6mm. (Fitted with Australian Plug).



The Following all measured at 3mm ~ 1/4"

• Han D Mag 115S - 370 gauss

• Teac E1 - 27 gauss

• Teac E3 - 29 gauss

• Sony HE3 - 42 gauss

• Colectro Q4-235 - 46 gauss

• Nortronics QM202 - 50 gauss


Simple "How To" Guidelines:

1. Turn the power OFF on the tape recorder. Demagnetising with the power on can damage the circuitry.

2. Turn the demagnetiser on well away from tape or tape machines ~3' / 1m

3. Move the demagnetiser inwards so the tip contacts the parts of the tape recorder you are trying to demagnetise. Capstan shaft, tape guides, tensioner arms and finally heads.

4. Move across the surface of each part and from one part to the next slowly & smoothly. If you slip and move fast, go back to it.

5. After you have gone over the surface of every metal part in the tape path, very slowly and smoothly move the demagnetiser away until you are at least 3' / 1m away and then turn OFF.


Pulling away slowly and smoothly is very important. You want to demagnetise not only the tape head(s), but all metal parts that touch the tape.

The only way you can damage things while demagnetising would be to do it with the equipment power turned on or to kill the power while the demagnetiser is close to the equipment or to move fast or jerky.


If you need any additional help in using your Han D Mag Demagnetizer, please contact us!



For full specifications, please visit the manufacturer's website.


SKU 220-S
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