Radial ProD2 Stereo Direct Box for Keyboards w/ Eclipse ETDB2 Transformers


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Radial ProD2 is a compact direct box designed to connect stereo keyboards to a PA system setup without noise or distortion.


The Radial Engineering ProD2 is a compact direct box designed to connect stereo keyboards or high output instruments to a PA system setup without noise or distortion. Perfect for home recording setups, the ProD2 is able to handle huge transients without choking and delivers smooth, warm sound to round out any digital edge.


At the heart of the design are two high performance Eclipse ET-DB2 transformers. These deliver 20Hz to 20kHz performance with less than 1.5dB deviation above 18kHz and are able to withstand tremendous signal levels without distortion. Unlike active circuits that overload when the signal exceeds the rail voltage, transformers saturate.


This creates a pleasing effect that naturally rounds out the tone, acting like a subtle limiter, which is particularly advantageous when interfacing the ProD2 with digital pianos, samplers and drum machines that can produce excessive dynamics. Transformers are particularly adept at eliminating hum and buzz caused by ground loops.


The ProD2 is a very simple yet effective device built for touring. It features a ¼” input connector that connects to the source or instrument, a ¼” thru-put connector that connects the instrument to the amplifier and a low impedance balanced XLR output connector that provides a direct and transformer-isolate signal to the mixer. All this is encased in a 14 gauge steel enclosure with double sided PC board and a full bottom foam pad.


Features at a glance:

• Stereo direct box designed for keyboards

• Smooth, warm sound rounds out digital edge

• Able to handle huge transients without chocking

• May be rack mounted

• -15dB pad reduces the in out sensitivity for active basses and high-output keyboards

• Completely passive, no power needed

• Three year transferable warranty


The ProD2 is designed for stereo devices like keyboards. Simple, straight ahead hook-up makes it easy to connect your keys to your recording system for great stereo sound!


Two Radial ProDI direct boxes in one, multi instrumentalists rejoice! The ProD2 is perfectly well suited for bass, acoustic guitar or just about any instrument with a pickup


Driving the output from a sampler or electronic drum machine to the PA system has never been easier. The ProD2 delivers plenty of headroom and lets you connect a local DJ mixer too.


Take the mono output from your keyboard and patch it into Ch 1, use the THRU on Ch 1 to send a split signal to Ch 2. Voila! Two isolated mic level outputs to send to FOH and Monitors!


The ProDI and ProD2 look very similar and are both passive DI boxes. The key difference between the two is that the D2 is essentially two ProDI’s in one compact enclosure. This makes the ProD2 ideally suited for stereo instruments like keyboards and samplers, while the single channel ProDI is perfect for mono instruments like guitar and bass.


For more detailed information on the Radial Engineering ProD2 please visit the manufacturers website


Model # RA-PROD2
Barcode # 0676101035977
Brand Radial Engineering

Three (3) Years

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