Neumann KH150 6.5" Two-Way Nearfield Studio Monitor

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DSP-powered, bi-amplified studio monitor with deep bass response and outstanding resolution.

KH 150: Neumann Accuracy, Serious Bass and Power to Spare


The KH 150 is a powerful bi-amplified studio monitor with reference-class performance. Its 6.5” woofer in a bass reflex cabinet provides stunning low end and high SPL capability with undiminished clarity. DSP controlled electronics ensure linear phase response and allow for room-adaptive calibration via Neumann’s revolutionary MA 1 Automatic Monitor Alignment.


What You Hear Is What You Get

The KH 150 follows the same philosophy as all Neumann studio monitors: highest linearity, lowest distortion, no coloration, and perfect adaptability to any acoustic environment. It allows you to hear every nuance of your tracks. Mixing becomes so much faster and easier, once the guesswork is over. And more creative, too: Sounds genius, but can I get away with that? Is that vocal bright or sibilant? Is it too much bass? The KH 150 will tell you. Honestly.


One Bigger

What differentiates the KH 150 from its smaller siblings is its deeper bass response down to 39 Hz. That’s almost as low as the larger KH 310, thanks to the KH 150’s novel 6.5” high-precision woofer in a carefully designed bass reflex cabinet. The KH 150 is thus ideally suited to urban music, EDM, film scoring, and all styles that require extended low end and/or elevated listening levels. Thanks to powerful amplifiers (145 W/100 W) and sophisticated protection limiters, no clarity is lost even at high SPLs. But, being a true universalist, the KH 150 works just as well for everything from rock to classical music, broadcast applications and voice-over work.

The KH 150 has an exceptionally linear frequency response from 39 Hz to 21 kHz (±3 dB). Not only that: It also linearizes the phase response! Which translates to clear mids with astonishing transparency as well as extreme accuracy in the time domain: precise impulse reproduction and finely resolved reverbs. This is made possible by DSP controlled electronics which allow for sophisticated crossovers avoiding the phase distortion caused by analog filters. The internal DSP also realizes new standards in tonal consistency. The KH 150 is made to extremely low tolerances of no more than ± 0.8 dB! And you can hear it, too: Stereo imaging is razor-sharp.


Ready for Your Room

Even the best loudspeaker only sounds as good as the acoustic environment allows. Neumann’s Mathematically Modelled Dispersion™ (MMD™) waveguide guarantees a wide sweet spot and minimizes desk reflections. But the KH 150 goes much further: Its internal DSP allows for room calibration via Neumann’s revolutionary Automatic Monitor Alignment. MA 1 (sold separately) makes sure your DSP powered monitors are optimally adapted to the character of your room and perfectly calibrated for your listening position. Even in acoustically treated rooms, this results in a huge improvement.

Tonal compatibility with other KH line studio monitors makes it possible to use the KH 150 in mixed setups e.g. in surround/immersive setups. For flexible connectivity the KH 150 features both analog and digital inputs.


AES 67 – Audio over IP

Additionally, the KH 150 AES67 model variant offers integrated redundant AES67 audio network ports that are fully compliant with broadcast standards such as ST 2110, ST 2022-7 redundancy, and RAVENNA. At the same time, the KH 150 AES67 is compatible with DANTE®-generated AES67 network streams.


Energy Efficient

Neumann engineers took great care to develop a patent pending amplifier technology which combines superior audio performance with the energy efficiency of Class D. Although the KH 150’s amplifiers deliver up to 145 W to the 6.5” woofer and 100 W to the 1” tweeter, they only consume 17 W at idle. Auto-standby reduces power consumption to 0.3 W when the KH 150 has not been used for a while, but can be deactivated.


Mounting Options

Most of the KH 120 accessories also fit the KH 150, with the exception of the LH 65 table stand, which is available in a slightly larger version in the form of the new LH 66 (Cat. No. 700258). The LH 61 (L bracket) was updated, because the KH 150 is a bit heavier/larger than the KH 120 and the LH 64 (VESA mount) was adjusted to allow access to the controls of the KH 150. The order numbers here are unchanged.

All mounting options can be found in Neumann's updated Monitor Mounting Matrix.

The KH 150 is available in two color options, anthracite and white.

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For more information on the Neumann KH 150, please visit the manufacturer's website.



  • Free field frequency response ±6 dB: 36 Hz ... 21 kHz

  • Free field frequency response ±3 dB: 39 Hz ... 20.4 kHz

  • Pass band free field frequency response: 42 Hz … 20 kHz, ±1.25 dB

  • Free field frequency linearity deviation between 100 Hz and 10 kHz: ±0.8 dB

  • Self-generated noise at 10 cm (with input gain set to 100 dB SPL for 0 dBu): <20 dB(A) SPL

  • Sine wave output with a THD < 0.5 % at 1 m in half space: 95 dB SPL (>75 Hz)

  • Max. SPL calc. in half space at 3% THD at 1m (averaged between 100 Hz and 6 kHz): 118.7 dB SPL

  • Max. SPL in full space at 3% THD at 1m (averaged between 100 Hz and 6 kHz): 112.7 dB SPL

  • Bass capability: Max. SPL in half space at 3% THD at 1m (averaged between 50 Hz and 100 Hz): 107.5 dB SPL

  • Max. short term SPL with IEC-weighted noise (IEC 60268-5) at 1 m, in typical listening conditions: 108 dB(C) SPL

  • Max. short term SPL with music material at 2.3 m in typical listening conditions (pair / full range): 100 dB(C) SPL

  • Max. short term SPL with music material at 2.3 m, in typical listening conditions (pair with subwoofer): 106 dB(C) SPL

  • Max. long term SPL with pink noise at 2.3 m, in typical listening conditions (single / pair full range): 88 / 94 dB(C) SPL

  • Max. long term SPL with pink noise at 2.3 m, in typical listening conditions (single / pair with subwoofer): 88 / 94 dB(C) SPL

  • Dolby D.A.R.D.T. Max SPL fullrange: 114 dB

  • Dolby D.A.R.D.T. Max SPL bass managed: 120 dB

  • Recommended Listening Distance: 1.0 … 2.5 m; (3'… 8')

  • Feasible Listening Distance: 0.75 … 6.0 m; (2'6"… 18')

  • Acoustic principle: Bassreflex, Ports at the front

  • Analog input(s): XLR: analog electronically balanced

  • Analog input impedance: 24 kOhms

  • Max. input level: +24 dBu for 94 dB SPL setting; +14 dBu for 100 dB SPL setting; +9 dBu for 108 dB SPL setting; -1 dBu for 114 dB SPL setting

  • Common mode rejection ratio (CMRR): >56 dB @ 15kHz

  • Volume control: via MA 1 software

  • Volume control range; resolution: 0 … -∞ dB; 0.1 dB

  • Analog dynamic range; THD+N: 118 dB, A-weighted, 90 dB

  • Signal routing modes: analog, S/PDIF L, S/PDIF R, S/PDIF mono

  • Digital input(s): RCA (75 Ω): S/PDIF

  • Digital output(s): RCA (75 Ω): S/PDIF

  • Max. Input Level; pk-pk, unbalanced / balanced     1.2 V

  • Digital converter: resolution; design: 24 Bit

  • Digital converter: sampling rate: 32 kHz..200 kHz

  • Digital internal sampling rate: 48 kHz

  • Output sample rate: identical to input sample rate

  • Latency ADA / DA: Analog Input: 2.6 ms; SPDIF Input: 2.1 ms

  • Delay: User adjustable delay range: 0 … 120 ms

  • Delay: Resolution: time; distance: 20.8 µs

  • Delay: Max. frames Audio-video synchronisation (lip sync): 0 … 120 ms for TOF=0ms, depends on APP implementation

  • Delay: Time-of-flight maximum distance: 0 … 120 ms for lipsync=0ms, depends on APP implmentation

  • Transport/storage conditions: -25° C to +60° C (-13° F to 140° F); <90% RH; non-condensing

  • Input gain control (sensitivity): 0 dB ... -15 dB

  • Output level control (output level in 1 m based on 0 dBu input level): 94; 100; 108; 114 dB SPL

  • Equalization: Bass: 0: -2; -4; -6 dB

  • Equalization: Low-Mid: 0; -2; -4; -6 dB

  • Equalization: Treble: +1; 0; -1; -2 dB

  • Input selector: Analog; S/PDIF L; S/PDIF R; Mono

  • Ground Lift: Yes

  • Control: Local; Network

  • Mains Switch: Yes

  • Mains Voltage Select: Universal Power Supply 100 V~ … 240 V~

  • Controller design: Digital; active

  • Crossover frequency: 1700 Hz

  • Crossover slope: 48 dB / octave

  • Equalization: via Neumann.Control software: No

  • Automatic room calibration via MA 1: Yes

  • FIR phase correction: Linear phase (105 Hz ... 16 kHz; +/- 45°)

  • Protection circuitry: Independent soft clip, peak and thermo limiters for woofer and tweeter; Woofer excursion limiter; thermo limiter for the electronics and amplifiers

  • Infrasonic filter: frequency; slope: 38 Hz; 12 dB / octave

  • Remote control: MA 1 software via an RJ45 connector carrying standard IP data

  • Display: On; Normal Operation: Neumann logo “White”

  • Display: Identification: Neumann logo “Rosé”

  • Display: Limit / Clip / Errors / Protection /Boot Mute / Shut Down Mute     Neumann logo “Red”

  • Logo Brightness: via MA 1 software

  • Output power woofer amplifier (THD+N with limiter deactivated: 10%): 145 W

  • Output power tweeter amplifier (THD+N with limiter deactivated: 10%): 100 W

  • Output power woofer amplifier (THD+N with limiter deactivated: 0.1%): 120 W

  • Output power tweeter amplifier (THD+N with limiter deactivated: 0.1%): 80 W

  • Mains Power Supply: input voltage; frequency: 100-240 V; 50/60 Hz

  • Power consumption (230 V / 100 V): Standby: 0.3 W

  • Power consumption (230 V / 100 V): Idle: 15 W

  • Power consumption (230 V / 100 V): Full output: 320 W

  • In-rush current (Peak): 33 A

  • Standby: automatic, 90 mins (default); user defined in software

  • Cabinet material: Composite polycarbonate front and rear, wooden sleeve

  • Cabinet surface finish; color (front / back): Painted; metallic anthracite (RAL 7021) / Black (RAL 9005)

  • Operating conditions: +10° C to +40° C (+50° F to +104° F); <75% RH, non-condensing

  • Woofer: 165 mm; (6.5") with protecting black metal grille

  • Tweeter: 25 mm; (1") with protecting black metal grille

  • Mounting points: 2 x M6 threaded inserts with 70 mm spacing on back panel; thread depth 15 mm; (5/8”)

  • Product dimensions (height x width x depth): 345 x 225 x 273 mm; (13.58" x 8.86" x 10.75")

  • Internal net volume: 12.6 l

  • External net volume: 20.4 l

  • Packed dimensions (height x width x depth), mm (inches): 480 x 303 x 403 mm; (18.9" x 11.9" x 15.9")

  • Product weight: 8.0 kg; (17 lbs 10 oz)

  • Packed weight: 9.4 kg; (20 lbs 12 oz)

  • Packaging weight inc. Cables and manuals: 1.41 kg; (3 lbs)

  • Packed cube: 0.059 m³; (2.08 ft³)


Model # 509127
Brand Neumann

24 Months



  • High-precision drivers, Mathematically Modelled Dispersion™ (MMD™) waveguide

  • Linear frequency response 39 Hz … 21 kHz (±3 dB)

  • Linear phase response 105 Hz … 16 kHz (± 45°) with latency < 2,6 ms

  • DSP engine allows for room adaptive calibration via Neumann’s MA 1

  • Razor-sharp imaging due to extremely low tolerances (± 0.8 dB)

  • May be combined with other KH line speakers in immersive/surround setups.


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