Dynaudio LYD 48 3-way Powered Studio Monitor (Right Side) - Black


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The Dynaudio LYD 48 is a high-performance 3-way powered studio monitor designed for the right side, featuring accurate sound reproduction and advanced DSP technology, perfect for professional mixing and mastering in a sleek black finish.


The Dynaudio LYD 48 monitors are going to take your mixes to a new level of professionalism. These guys are the new flagship of the LYD range, and the LYD 48 as a 3-way monitor, gives you a real boost in performance. If you've been used to monitoring with a pair of 2-way monitors, you'll really appreciate having a dedicated midrange driver which will just lift your listening experience to a whole new level, not to mention improved overall accuracy.


Our new LYD 48 features a 3-way speaker design, coupling an 8” woofer with a 4” midrange and a 1” tweeter, making them well suited for nearfield as well as midfield monitor applications. Obviously, it will be available in the sleek white and black design, as the original LYD range, but you can also get it in a classic all-black version.


Triple Power, Bass Extension sound balance


Each of the woofers and the tweeter are powered by a dedicated state-of-the-art Class D amplifier, delivering 80W / 50W / 50W of power per monitor. The amp features a 96kHz/24bit signal path and selectable input sensitivity, as well as the same Standby Mode as the original LYD speakers.


Also, like the other LYD monitors, the new 3-way version features Bass Extension, allowing for a choice between the default setting or pushing towards maximum bass or maximum volume. Changes will affect the low-end response, but importantly the linear frequency response remains intact.


The Sound Balance option is basically a tilt filter that tips the tonal balance gently. In short, it emphasizes one end of the spectrum while decreasing the opposite end by the same amount. This approach is different from typical shelving filters, as it alters the frequency response, but without interfering with the phase. By default the monitor is set flat, but the Sound Balance toggle switch can go for either ‘Bright’ or ‘Dark’.


Dynaudio LYD 48 3-way Powered Monitor Features:

• Studio Reference Monitor with 8" woofer, 4" midrange, and 1" tweeter

• Designed in mirror-imaged pairs, sold singly

• Class D tri-amplified: LF 80W, MF 50W, HF 50W

• Provides astonishing clarity across the frequency spectrum

• Delivers neutral midrange response critical for proper placement of vocals and instruments

• Advanced DSP lets you adjust low-frequency extension by +/-10Hz

• Position and Sound Balance controls for optimizing performance for any environment

• Expertly designed and crafted at Dynaudio's facilities in Skanderborg, Denmark


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Brand Dynaudio

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