MOGAMI - The Cable of the Pros!

On: 1 May 2018 

Mogami cable is the first choice of cables for us to recommend to our customers here at Musiclab. And there’s a reason – it is a premium brand of cable and we can recommend it without reservation.

There’s a reason why Mogami is called “The Cable of the Pros.” Virtually every major recording facility is wired with Mogami, which means that just about any music you listen to has passed through Mogami somewhere in the recording chain—from Fleetwood Mac to Foo Fighters, from Prince to Pearl Jam, and countless others.

Why do so many discriminating artists and studios choose Mogami over other cable brands? It’s simple. Mogami is unmatched for accuracy, extremely low noise, ease of installation, flexibility, and superior quality. DJ’s, Professionals and enthusiasts alike rave about the amazing clarity and silent background of Mogami – technicians swear by it, not at it.


Mogami has always had a relentless devotion to quality, integrity and ethical business practices. Every foot of Mogami cable is made in Nagano, Japan under the direct supervision of the company founder who continues to work every day. Comprised of true craftsmen, Mogami refuses to compromise quality for cost savings, and never copies the work of others. In today’s global economy, it’s often difficult to track who really makes a branded cable or other products. Unlike such brands, Mogami completely controls its design and manufacturing process and will never use a “silent partner” factory. Each product is certified to meet very rigid specifications, which are published and verifiable. There are no “secret ingredients” or mysticism attached to the performance of Mogami products. Mogami is also dedicated to responsible manufacturing and was the first cable factory to meet RoHS requirements for everything they make.


Diagram for Mogami Cable

See What’s Inside

We love to show people the inside of Mogami Cable. If you were to cut open Mogami Platinum cable, for instance, there’s a lot going on that make this cable the most ultra dynamic instrument cable you can buy.

Mogami Preserve the Tone Diagram


Hum and buzz are not our friends, especially amplified hum and buzz. Mogami fights harder than any manufacturer to keep unwanted noise away which is why so many artists trust Mogami Gold Instrument cable for unbalanced instruments like electric guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, pedals and patching. Mogami’s 100% shield coverage keeps noise out and tone in.

Mogami Cable


Whether you’re in a large professional studio or small project studio, good quad cable is critical because RF and EM noise can creep past even the best shield, especially in today’s wireless world. Check under the hood of Mogami Gold Studio cables and you’ll discover the world famous Neglex™ Studio Quad—a 4-conductor cable with the highest cancelling of noise and the quietest, best sounding cable money can buy.


All Mogami cable assemblies are made with the finest cable, connectors, and assembly practices in the industry. Mogami’s reliability is renowned, and problems are quite rare. However, should you experience trouble, the Lifetime (“No Excuses”) warranty to the original purchaser assures you are completely protected should something unfortunate occur.


Although it is extremely rare for Mogami Cable to break, have no fear. Mogami’s “no excuses” warranty covers your Mogami Platinum, Gold or Silver series cables for life. Yes, even if your dog ate your cable, you dropped your amp on the connector during a show, whatever the reason.

If you have trouble with a Mogami cable, bring it in to us here at Musiclab. We will swap it out for you immediately. If we don’t have that particular style or length, no problems. The warranty is so well supported that the national distributor will courier a new cable to you overnight.


Gold Studio is a quad cable. This cable is designed to be neutral and reject noise at a recording studio level and in settings where the cables will be reasonably well cared for. Gold Stage is designed and built to deliver extremely high fidelity while standing up to constant and sometimes rough handling dished out by touring and broadcast crews. Gold Stage stands up to the rigors of the road (think AC/DC) while rejecting noise from a stadium full of lights and cell phones.


From the enormous range of Mogami cables, Musiclab always has the following types in stock:

  • Mogami Gold Studio mic cable – This is an XLR-XLR star-quad microphone cable designed for use in studios. The connectors are genuine Neutrik XLR’s with gold pins and a black body. The star-quad configuration ensures highest rejection of outside electrical hum and buzz and gives increased dynamic range to your audio. (Gold Studio6, Gold Studio 15, Gold Studio 25).
    We also stock the Gold Studio in three other variations: XLR->TRSM, XLR->TRSF and TRS->TRS. These all use the same cable, but offer different combinations of Neutrik XLR and TRS connectors. These are primarily used to connect audio interfaces to active studio monitors in a studio.
  • Mogami Gold Stage mic cable – This XLR-XLR microphone cable is designed to be nearly indestructible in the rigours of stage use. It is “roadie-proof”. It features the same genuine Neutrik XLR connectors, but is made with a cable that has three times the number of copper strands as a typical high-quality cable. A braided copper shield (rather than a foil or spiral shield) ensures that the shield is not disrupted by constant handling. (Gold Stage 20, Gold Stage 30, Gold Stage 50).



I notice that my cables are always twisted? What am I doing wrong?

Improper coiling is a big reason cables fail. It also makes setup a pain, spending lots of time taking knots and twists out of the cables. There is only one right way to do this. It is called the ‘over/under’ wrap. By altering the direction of each coil there is no twist stored in the cable. Done right your cables will lay out twist-free in seconds and last virtually forever.

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