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About Us

Musiclab isn’t just a retail store, though. When you step through our doors, you enter a community of musicians, producers and engineers who are just as passionate about the industry as you are. A group of individuals with unmatched experience who are more than happy to talk to you about their first love – music.

You want the best, we stock the best: ProTools, Yamaha, Roland, Rode, Steinberg, Avid, AKG, Novation Behringer and more. And there’s plenty of product! From Microphones, Amplifiers, Cables, Acoustic Treatment, Av Equipment, Audio Interfaces, Effects Units, Headphones & In Ears, Mixers, PA Systems, Portable Recorders, Speakers, Stands to Electronic Percussion and more. Click our Products Category to see the entire list!

Owner, Doug Watt, and his sales staff pride themselves on having up-to-date information to tailor the most appropriate solution for your needs in various areas of music creation and audio and video production. Whether starting out or at professional level, we spend the time to answer your queries and get the gear that you need. All with legendary after-sales service from our full-time tech-support team.


Musiclab’s showroom is very conveniently located near the “spaghetti junction” of the Airport Link, Clem 7 Tunnel and Inner City Bypass – very easy to get to from wherever you are around Greater Brisbane. We are also nearby the Bowen Hills Station …. one of the busiest railway stations in SE Queensland. We have a number of specialty rooms with the showroom:

  • a dedicated PA demo room
  • an acoustically-treated stereo studio monitor room
  • a dedicated studio for demonstrating Avid HD systems
  • biggest range of synthesizers and workstations in Qld

When you enter our showroom, you are entering a community of like-minded music-loving professionals. Come in and check it out.

Schools and Churches

Schools and Churches are very special customers for us at Musiclab. Music Technology is becoming a bigger part of the programs of all schools and churches … even primary schools and small local churches.

Owner, Doug Watt spent many years as a full-time church worker and is very familiar with the needs of churches in areas of PA Systems (including the extremely popular Yamaha Stagepas systems), Stage Pianos and Synthesizers, Drum Kits, Audio Recording, Acoustic Treatment of reverberant spaces, Teaching Lab Systems and even Hearing Assistance for the hearing impaired.

We also count many schools from the local primary schools right through to the universities around Australia as customers. Whether it be a simple single channel wireless mic system for a local church or a campus-wide digital wireless system, we count it a privilege to be able to work with schools and churches.

Important Information for schools and churches: The Radiofrequency Spectrum Compliance comes into effect January 1, 2015. Please click: “Is your wireless microphone system compliant?” tab to get all the details on being compliant.

Is your wireless microphone system compliant?

Come January 1, 2015, the Australian Government’s plan to re-arrange the use of the available frequency spectrum comes into full effect in the professional audio sector. Earlier stages of the overall plan involved the phasing out of analogue television transmission, thus freeing up parts of the available spectrum for other uses.

In short, the radio frequencies available to be used for wireless microphones will change. The effect can be summarised as follows (taken from the government’s ACMA website):

“Anyone using wireless audio transmitters is bound by the rules set out in the Low Interference Potential Devices (LIPD) Class Licence.

“As LIPD class licensees do not have to pay fees to use the spectrum they operate on a ‘no interference’ and ‘no protection’ basis. Users must ensure that their devices do not cause interference to other radiocommunications devices and they have no protection from changes that may affect them.

“The LIPD class licence also sets out what spectrum can be used for wireless audio transmitters. From 1 January 2015, wireless audio transmitters must not operate in the 694–820 MHz frequency range.”

AWAG (Australian Wireless Audio Group) sums up the effects as follows:

“Up to 80% of the national inventory, or an estimated 150,000 devices, will need to be decommissioned and switched off as of that date.  

“AWAG believe that in excess of $220 million worth of equipment will need to be scrapped

“The use of these devices from January 1st 2015 onwards could result in significant fines or jail terms.”

Not sure if you are compliant? We can help. While there has been a long lead time coming into this change, it has been very complex and overwhelming for most wireless microphone users. At Musiclab, we have kept abreast of the changes and can help you work through what it will mean for you.

If you are located in South-East Queensland, one of Musiclab’s qualified staff can come to your organisation and check your audio equipment. A free report will be provided confirming your compliance or otherwise. If not compliant we can provide a solution of what product you will need to meet the new requirements.

One of our product partners, AKG are willing to trade in your old system and offering a generous 30% rebate on new equipment. This is a great deal to offset the cost of compliance.

Call us today on 07 332 8188 or email to arrange a free assessment of your audio equipment. Don’t delay as there are consequences for not being compliant.

Responsive Website

Welcome to the new Musiclab website. We are very proud of this new site … especially that it is fully “responsive”.

This means that it provides an optimal viewing experience (easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling) across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors).

We are aware that almost 30% of visits to our web site are made from mobile devices … and we expect that this trend will continue. The responsive design of this site makes it much more convenient to use on these devices.

The use of the Australian eWay payment gateway also provides a level of convenience and security that we haven’t had before on our web site.

Please send any comments that you may have about this new site to