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Musiclab is a leading supplier of professional audio and hi-tech music equipment.  We are centrally located in located in Bowen Hills in Brisbane, right near the "spaghetti junction" of Airport Link, Clem 7 tunnel and Inner City Bypass.  In other words, all roads lead to Musiclab.

Musiclab is the one stop shop for everything needed to set up your recording studio - whether it your first bedroom studio or a professional multi-room facility .  The following summary refers to some of our major product areas.

Direct Access - Best Products, Best Prices, Best Support

Musiclab has a strong portfolio of products which we directly import. This results not only in lowest prices, but also in the best available level of support. We have direct access to the designers and manufacturers of the fine products.


Pro Tools Mbox is one of the world's leading digital audio workstations and Musiclab carries and supports the complete range - including the new hardware only options.

We carry an extensive range of audio interfaces, music software, studio monitors (including Dynaudio Acoustic, Genelec, Yamaha and  Fostex), headphones and studio microphones (including Neumann, AKG, Rode, DPA, Sennheiser, Shure and sE) to equip your studio.  We also specialise in the design of acoustic treatments for recording spaces and have a complete range of available treatments - including acoustic panels, bass traps, diffusers and isolation tools.

Of course there is also a exhaustive range of audio cable and every kind of audio connector available to connect everything up.

For the performing musician, we have everything required for a complete PA system - microphones, stands, cables, mixing desks, speakers.  We also specialise in synthesizers - both the major brands like Yamaha, KorgKurzweil and Roland as well as the esoteric like Moog, Nord, Novation and Dave Smith Instruments.

All in all, if you need anything for your sound system, Musiclab is the place for you - in store or on-line. 

Musiclab has an enormous range of plug-ins for DAW's (digital audio workstations), from manufacturers such as Antares, iZotope, Sonnox Native, Sonnox TDM, Universal Audio UAD2, Waves. 

Some of our most popular products at the moment are:

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