Steinberg UR-RT4 Audio Interface w/ Rupert Neve Designs Transformers


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The UR-RT4 features switchable Rupert Neve Designs (RND) transformers on the front inputs, adding exceptional musicality, expressiveness and rich harmonics for the most professional sound.


Steinberg's premium UR-RT series provides high-speed USB 2.0 connectivity and successfully combine rugged durability, easy connection to mobile devices, such as laptops and iPads, with superb sound quality. Added to the high-quality D-PRE preamps, the inclusion of switchable Rupert Neve Designs transformers on the front inputs adds exceptional musicality, expressiveness and rich harmonics, delivering the most professional sound for your music projects.


If you are recording in a home or project studio, you no longer need to be envious of high-end recording studios. Thanks to four switchable Rupert Neve Designs input transformers, Class A D-PRE preamps, switchable +48 V phantom power and Hi-Z inputs, the UR-RT4 provides the tools to make your recording set up sound like a professional system. Renowned for their rich musicality, products by Rupert Neve Designs are used by many audio professionals, while D-PRE preamps feature in industry-leading digital mixing systems by Yamaha. The UR-RT4 brings these exceptional input facilities within reach of much humbler budgets.


You may be impressed by the UR-RT4’s high end input facilities, but its monitoring and output flexibility is no less remarkable. Thanks to its dspMixFx technology, you can enjoy fantastic-sounding, latency-free monitoring, while twin headphone sockets with independent volume controls mean that you can have two musicians, or a musician and a producer, working together in perfect harmony. In addition, six TRS output sockets mean you can route output audio to different destinations, as required. For example, you can have several pairs of monitors connected to the UR-RT4 for A/B-ing mixes on different speaker setups.


Have you ever struggled to capture the true essence of vocals and acoustic instruments? You are not alone. They have an inherent musicality and rich harmonic content that the organic reception of the human ear reproduces, yet the cold, hard ones and zeros of digital recording can struggle to truly ensnare. With the UR-RT4, you have four Rupert Neve Designs input transformers which add an analog element to recordings, bringing out all of their expressive, harmonic richness. These are captured by the industry-leading, transparent D-PRE preamps to reproduce the full dynamic range in exquisite detail.


The Loopback function of the UR-RT4 offers an easy way to stream performances live to the Internet. Often used by hosts of live online broadcasts, when the function is active, incoming audio signals to the UR-RT4 (such as microphone, guitar or line source) are merged with the signal coming from audio playback software like Cubase or another DAW inside the computer.


MIDI input and output

UR-RT4 audio interfaces are equipped with a MIDI I/O port to connect any MIDI device, making them extremely flexible for studio recording. With many studios and musicians still using MIDI input devices, classic sound modules, samplers and more, the MIDI I/O on the UR-RT4 series means you can combine high-quality audio interface technology with any MIDI device to make your sound just as you want it.


For more information on the Steinberg UR-RT4 please visit the manufacturer's website.



• Connection Type: USB 2.0

• Design: Desktop (2/3 19“, 1HU)

• Casing: Full-metal casing

• Power supply: External 12 V AC adaptor (Yamaha PA-150B)

• AD/DA: 24 bit

• Maximum sample rate: 192 kHz

• Dynamic range input: 101

• Total number of inputs: 6

• Total number of individual outputs: 4

• Total number of Outputs: 6

• Microphone preamp: D-PRE with RND transformer

• Microphone inputs: 4

• Inputs with line level: 2

• Inputs with HI-Z: 2

• Analog inputs TRS: 2

• Analog inputs Combo: 4

• Analog outputs TRS: 6

• Phantom power: 4

• Headphone: With dedicated volume control

• Headphones outputs: 2

• MIDI I/O: Yes


Model # UR-RT4
Barcode # 4957812627306
Brand Steinberg

12 Months


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