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iZotope Spectron - spectral effects plug-in, education

iZotope Spectron - spectral effects plug-in,
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This item is not available. Please contact customer support if you have further questions.

Spectron is the next generation of spectral effect plug-ins allowing unmatched control over audio by frequency. Now, take your mixed drum track and add delay to the snare, or send the hi-hat panning back and forth. Give your guitar a delay, but only on the high notes. Make your bass ring down low, but stay clear and dry up high. For effects that are subtle or out of this world, Spectron is the one-stop spectral toolbox.

Spectron splits audio into thousands of frequency bands, applies independent delay, morph, filter and pan effects, and then resynthesizes the processed audio into an entirely new sound. Using this unique control over individual frequencies, Spectron can sound like a phaser, chorus, vocoder and many new classes of effects. Spectron is perfect for radio spots, loop and sample manipulation, sound effect design, and electronic & dance music production.

NOTE: Education price applies for institutions, teachers and students. Identification must be provided. Please email to sales @musiclab.com.au or fax to (07) 3332 8111. (Faxed identification must be clear so we suggest photocopying ID at magnified size and faxing on "photo" setting).

We suggest that students register on this site to take advantage of special student pricing on many products. This process will enable you to upload a scanned copy of your student credential.

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